We are taught how to move and behave in the external world, but we are never taught how to be still and examine what is within ourselves.”

Swami Rama

Here is a simple meditation technique

For many of us, we have become so immersed in the world that we can no longer differentiate between our desires and the desires that have been set upon us. The roles and responsibilities that we have assumed can become both a path to achievement and a source of great stress. Meditation teaches us how to listen to the deeper level of our being. We honor ourselves in the same manner that we honor others – by listening in a kind and accepting manner. In the listening, much is revealed.

We learn how to live more authentically. We begin to identify small ways that we can usher more peace into our lives. Meditation is a subtle process. It begins with stillness.

Find a place where you will not be disturbed for the next 7 minutes.

Set a timer for 7 minutes, preferably with a soft chime or some other soothing sound. You can increase the length of time once you have established a committed practice.

Assume a comfortable seated position.

Begin by drawing your attention into your body.

Notice how your body feels. Feel the weight of your body. Feel your body breathing.

Relax your eyes, your jaw, your mouth, and even your tongue.

Inhale. With your exhale, release the tension in your shoulders.

Feel the tension in your shoulders begin to dissolve.

As your shoulders relax, feel them slide down, away from your ears.

Now move your focused awareness into your torso.

Feel the torso moving gently with each breath.

Feel the rhythm of your breathing.

Simply observe what it feels like to breathe.

Feel the air entering your nose and traveling down your throat, all the way down into your abdomen.

Close your eyes and continue to relax and feel the breath moving through your body. When the alarm sounds, open your eyes.

Before you resume your day, notice the shift in consciousness that has occurred.

Feel a sense of peace within you. When you feel yourself losing connection with the sense of peace within you bring your awareness back to your breathing.

Commit to practicing this technique twice a day for 21 days.

When we take the time to cultivate peace within ourselves, we gently begin to cultivate peace all around us.

Melody Tijerina