My mother had a massive stroke at the age of 55. She was overweight. She had just recently been diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. The stroke left her unable to walk, talk or eat.

When someone close to you experiences such a debilitating event, you inevitably wonder, “How could this have been prevented?” I have asked myself this question for years. It is the reason why I teach yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and now, nutrition.

Had I known all of this information before my mother had her stroke, could I have prevented it? Maybe or maybe not. The foods we eat are so deeply ingrained into the way we live that to change our diet even when we know it the very best decision for our health takes much more than simply willpower. In addition to knowing how to make healthy incremental changes in our diet, we also need support, encouragement, time and perhaps, most importantly, the ability to start again and again, after we lapse back into poor choices. If you are interested in making healthier food choices, I am here to help.