A Short Intro…

A General Overview:

  • Program includes 15 sessions in 5 weeks for a total of 10 hours of group exercise. 
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays (11-11:30AM) is strength training. Tuesdays, we will work arms. Thursdays, we will work legs.
  • Wednesday evenings (7-8PM), we will practice yin-inspired yoga to relax and rejuvenate. 

For each workout type, we will start slow and I will offer modifications, as needed.  

The yoga: 60 minutes once a week
The yoga is an evening practice, so it will be very relaxing. We will work entirely on the floor either supine or seated. The yoga is very accessible; it is safe and gentle enough for just about anyone. You will need a mat and yoga strap. 

The strength training: 30 minutes twice a week
Similarly, the strength training is slow and safe using light weights to build arm strength. For the leg workout, I will use my ballet and barre training, so it will include pliĆ©s, and other ballet inspired movements, along with some of those classic Jane Fonda workout exercises. Thursdays, we will work our legs, core and balance, so I recommend a chair to help with your balance. 

The Schedule:

How to Register:

Send me your email address (Email it to: hathaheart@yahoo.com or text it to: 2108492080) and I will send you a welcome packet that includes a waiver. Sign, complete the documents and send them back to me. Prior to the start date, I will send you the zoom link to join the sessions.


All 15 sessions: $100

Just the yoga sessions: $60

Just the strength training sessions: $60

If you cannot afford the program, but you want to participate, register anyway. We can work something out.